Interview with Maribel, our phone operator


1- Maribel, how many years have you been working at the Wellington Hotel?
Exactly from the July 11th, 1972. Will be 42 years in summer.

2- In which department do you started?
On Phones, I’ve always been in the same department.

3- Was common to find women in this workstation?
They were all women, except the night shift were guys.

4- Do you remember your first uniform?
It was a navy blue skirt with baby blue blouse.

5- Have things changed much at work and personal level over the years?
At work completely. Everything has changed for the better!

6- What did you do with your first salary?
I think it was about 4000 pesetas. But i don’t remember how I spent it…

Centralita del Hotel Wellington


7- If the hotel had the “Star of Wellington Friendship” which was granted by the companions, to whom do you grant it?
To Carlos Sánchez, Marketing Director, for their tolerance.

8- Any character that has impacted you?
Joan Manuel Serrat came one day to Phones and asked me to find him something in the directory. I was very nervous so he had to take the guide and look himself because I couldn’t see anything but him. Love him!

9- Your husband is also part of the Hotel team. When you meet him, where he was working?
It was in Reception as Accounts Holder.

10- How is the day to a marriage that goes together to the same workplace?
So hard! Very difficult to bear … (Just kidding)

11- What do you think makes different Wellington Hotel from other hotels?
Direct customer treatment, they are not a number… When I telephone, if i recognize the voice of a customer, they appreciate it.

12- If you had to start over 42 years ago, which one of the hotel workstation would you like to start?
At the same, because I always liked my work. But, now I extend more the range to Commercial Department.


Centralita del Hotel Wellington



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