A hotel with history

In 1944 Mr. Baltasar Ibán Valdés, transportation entrepreneur and founder of the herd of bulls with his own name, commissioned architect Luis Blanco Soler Real (who later became director of the Academy of Fine Arts) a major project: a 5 star hotel in the Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood.

Fachada del Hotel Wellington

The place initially selected in the Villanueva Street was expanded to 8 Velázquez Street, so a beautiful corner building was built with facades to both streets and cataloged and protected within the Architectural Heritage of Madrid. And with a perfect location, that allows customers to easily walk to Retiro Park by a large and majestic boulevard.

Hall del Hotel Wellington de Madrid

Finally, the Wellington Hotel opens on April 19, 1952. In its construction were modified traditional standards used to date in the hotels of Europe and America so it was designed with larger rooms. The 160 rooms varied between three types: bedroom with bathroom, bedroom with living room and bathroom and suites (two bedrooms with separate bathrooms, dressing room and living room). At the entrance stood the Reception and Concierge, a party room, private dining, shopping arcade, restaurant, bar, reading room and a large hall. As novelty, and thanks to the vision of Mr. Baltasar Ibán, a large garage where built in the basement.


Due to the success of the hotel in 1976 it was decided to enlarge the building by adding the space occupied by the number 6 of Velázquez Street, where it stood until 1936 the famous Tower of Mr. Ramón Gómez de la Serna. For the expansion and renovation of the hotel, they hired prestigious decorators and interior designers as Duarte Pinto Coelho. In this expansion, more rooms were added (up to 266), lounges, a restaurant, a bingo and a disco.


But the additions and improvements to the hotel have not stopped. In 2009 the building occupied by the sauna became a fitness center with spa, now called Le Max Wellness Club Wellington. The spaces created by the expansion of the 70’s are now occupied by the Kabuki restaurant, the Room Cibeles, the Gabana 1800 disco and in November 2010 was added the Room Marqués de Salamanca, with direct access to the Velázquez Street and modern infrastructures for exhibitions and presentations. In 2012 was amended the Presidential Suite Ramón de la Serna to give it a modern training and exercise equipment. And right now they are undergoing renovations in 7th floor that we will tell you…

Salón Marqués de Salamanca



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