Small details 5 star

Wishing you happy holiday we would accompany you through this post. One way to show you a small corner of our Wellington’s heart.
At Wellington Hotel we work every day to offers you an attentive service and a 5 star quality. Something that makes us unique is the small details that, though less known, make us different.

Azotea Hotel Wellington

We begin with the international prestigious interior designer Duarte Pinto Coelho, who was responsible for the refurbishment of some of the rooms and event rooms. An example of his work is the wallpaper that decorates the Room Cibeles, hand-decorated and where each bird is unique.

Salón Cibeles del Hotel Wellington

Another highlight is our details in the rooms. All our bed linen is made from wire, a real pleasure for our customers who are enjoying them as well with the daily turndown / coverage and “Variety of pillows”. A real unforgettable luxury!

Almohada bordad Wellington

Some of our regular customers have blankets embroidered with their initials for their exclusive use. Specifically are only 28 customers who enjoy this privilege and so feel at home while they are staying at the hotel.

Iniciales bordadas en lencería del Hotel Wellington

In the bathroom, fully equipped, the prestigious firms Molton Brown and Hugo Boss are responsible for performing the amenities that our customers have in their rooms. Besides nice cotton terry towels of 520 grams our customers have also linen towels handmade in Portugal and embroidered, bathrobes and slippers.

Toallas de rizo e hilo del Hotel Wellington

Can you imagine always you think of your stay in the Hotel, you remember its pleasant aroma? Well, that’s possible because the Hotel Wellington has an own scent since 2011. This scent is sprayed in common areas through the ventilation of the hotel, in the rooms is the cleaning staff who is responsible for distributing it and the parking staff places a small bag after the car-wash service.

El aroma Wellington

We finish leaving you with the Wellington’s scent and wishing you a happy stay and a great summer!



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