Welcome to the Wellington Hotel’s Blog in Madrid

With this new cyber adventure, we want to tell you and show you every hotel’s nook, secret or story. And best of all, it will come from each of one who makes this great team with name and personality: WELLINGTON HOTEL.

We begin with one of the most “tempting” corners: “THE WELLINGTON KITCHEN WITH JAVIER LIBRERO”.

Javier Librero, trained in the “Casa de Campo Tourism School”, began his career in 1982. He has made several gastronomic days in cities like London, Helsinki, Singapore and Lima. He bets for a product’s cuisine adapted to the new trends, enabling a cuisine according to the most demanding palates. Its main ingredients are quality, professionalism and as Javier says the most important thing in life, apply to all, much much love.

Foto 1

To inaugurate his section we have slipped through the hotel’s kitchen and we have asked Javier to prepare us a tasty, fresh, healthy dish, according to the high temperatures in the city right now. Our chef presents this dish, that is not yet on the menu, but says it will be well received when he presents it in society: SMOKED SALMON TARTAR WITH ROASTED EGGPLANT AND APPLE VINAIGRETTE.

The ingredients in case you want to give it a try are: eggplant, smoked salmon, rocket, apple and onion sprouts. Ah!, and love! Much love!

Foto 4 Fot 2

Very tempting, isn’t it?

Foto 4

Thank you for joining us in this new experience that starts with much illusion!



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